Online Personal Training


Online Personal Training Via Zoom ($75)

Online Personal Training Via True Coach App ($60)

Receive personalized workouts to your email and via the TrueCoach App. These workouts are built to help you meet your needs and goals. Please inquire to learn more about this flexible and affordable option.

In Person (Austin, TX & Bend, OR)


Personal training should give you the ability to train when you want while every second is devoted to you and your goals only. This is what we specialize in, every private client that we are fortunate enough to work with gets everything that they are looking for and then some. We will build a specific plan that will help you reach your goals, not ours. We have a very close personal relationship with our clients, and this does not only exist during the training session. Our phones are answered, emails and texts replied too ASAP.

If you are looking to gain the edge and motivation to help you reach those once unattainable goals then give us a shot. We bring the gym to you! Each session is 55 minutes

Semi-Private Training (Austin, TX & Bend, OR)

2-$120 / 3-$130

Semi-private training is personal training with a friend or two. Accountability and social support is highly important in an exercise program, this allows you to get it from the ones you care most about! At a bargain, you reap the benefits of a private session; your goals, your house, your time. We bring the gym to you! Each session is 55 minutes

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